zVendo Terminology on Product Definitions

zVendo introduces crucial terms that store owners might need through their growth journey. Demonstrated below are some of the terminologies you need to know about product definitions.


What’s Simple Product? #

A simple product is a single item with no variants; no multiple colors, sizes, or flavors. A simple product cannot be a customizable item by customers, for instance, sandwiches with one size and no added flavors.


What’s a Configurable Product? #


A configurable product is a single product with multiple options and each option should have a unique SKU to accurately track your inventory.


What are Product Variants? #


Variants are several forms of the same product, for example, a product that has several sizes, so a simple product will have one size.



What are Connected Types? #


Connected Types are several groups of similar products that appear at the bottom of the page. Once your customers open the product they wish to buy, similar products will appear on the same product page to urge them to purchase related items. It’s one of the indirect marketing strategies that implicitly address your store visitors to buy similar products.

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