How to connect your Aramex account to your online store on zVendo

To create an account on Aramex, go to this website:
After signing up with Aramex, they will contact you and provide you with the information needed for connecting your online store with your Aramex account to start accepting orders.
API Details provided by Aramex are:
  • Account Pin
  • Account Number
Other Data required for the integration in zVendo backend:
  • Country code: EG for Egypt, Aramex provides codes for other countries and cities
  • Account Entity: Origin City, CAI is the code for Cairo
  • Goods origin country: where the items are shipped from, accepts a country code, EG
  • Origin Address City: Accepts city code, CAI for Cairo
  • Origin Country Code: Accepts City Code: EG for Egypt
  • Username and password for the Aramex account 
  • Integration version: v2.0, unless otherwise specified by Aramex
  • zVendo store owner details: Name, Mobile phone number, Email, and Line Address
  • Operations time: Store opening and closing Times, Ready Time (Time to start picking up items), Last Pickup Time (Merchants specify the last available time slot for items to be picked by ARAMEX runner)
  • You will use this data to connect Aramex service to your online store, to do this, follow the following steps:
2-Go to your zVendo admin page, from the navigation menu, choose Store Configuration—>Shipping—> Shipping Methods—-> Create.
3-Create a shipping method to the desired shipping zone and a shipping method name that will be displayed to your customers like “Standard Shipping, Express Shipping,,,,etc”
4-Scroll down to “Shipping Charges—->Calculator” and choose Aramex
5-Fill in the Data that Aramex provided you with, then click on create.

6-Aramex will ship to the countries / Cities / Areas that you enabled in the Shipping Zones, to choose the country you will deliver to, read how to add countries and zones Here


7-The owner has to make sure that they enable Countries/Cities covered by Aramex, otherwise, the API will respond with “No Shipping Methods Found” during the checkout of the customer.





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