How Do you Allow Product Filters on your Store?

Through this feature, you can seamlessly filter according to your preference, whether by attributes or options. By enabling the desired filter options, results will be displayed. 

To proceed with this article, you might need to set your options and attributes. 

Once you have your product’s options and attributes set…

  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Go to Store Configuration 
  3. Click on Filter Settings

4. When you click on filter Settings, you will see 2 options

  • Multi select for attributes
  • Multi select for options

5. By enabling any or both of these options, it will be displayed on your storefront which will show results according to your customer’s selection. 

6. Enable the option you desire

7. Press Save

Note: This action might take up to 1 hour to reflect on your storefront. 

This is how it looks on your storefront…

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