Your Experience as an Admin/Seller


Manage your orders and audience #

  • zVendo gives you access to check everything related to your orders, lets you filter orders according to date range, order number, total value, currency used, customer, channel used, orders status, payment state and payment method.
  •  Track your orders history, whether there’s a refund, restock, cancellation and access your orders actions.
  • Track your orders state, whether it’s a new order, in processing, ready, shipped , delivered or cancelled.
  • Track payment state, whether it’s awaiting or paid.
  • Track shipping state, ready, shipped or cancelled.
  • You can also filter your products according to quantity, value state, brand, taxon, enable or disable checking your quantity state ,check inventory and variants of each product and edit single variants according to quantity, size , weight, SKU and barcode.
  • Assign products taxons/categories, such as accessories, clothing, or sports gear.
  • Manage products settings, and apply fixed discount values on certain products.
  • Add products into collections, manually or automatically by meeting certain conditions that you can easily add such as title, type ,and product tags.
  • View your products, add images, description, pricing, and products visibility and choose whether it’s on sale and have the access to track the inventory.
  • Get to know your audience and filter your customers by city , number of orders, account status, order date range and put them into groups. You also have the freedom to delete or block certain customers.

Track your insights #

  • zVendo makes it easy for you to have full grasp of your insights sales, see what channels contributed to your sales the most as Facebook, POS or the site itself.
  • You can easily see a chart of your cart abandonment , cancelled checkout or completed purchases.
  • Check out the percentage of sales based on gender.
  • Access your top 10 products sales and top countries sales.
  • keep track of who visits your store and whether they registered or not, types and frequency of browsers and devices used, frequency of product-view/most viewed products and frequency of the click-ability of your landing page gives you an idea for the need to decrease your bounce rate.
  • Have access to your range date chart which you can easily filter and customize to track your traffic and conversion rates.
  • Enjoy a luxurious live show that entitles you to witness your customers’ behavior, total visits and orders per day, best day of selling, the existence of an active cart, a dedicated real-time page view/min chart, and an exquisite map view of visitors and orders.

Manage your POS #

  • You can also sell in real life and manage your physical store just as easily with zVendo POS.
  • Be as accurate as never before with the scanning advantage, expand with wireless-linked devices to your system, and link your POS to other terminals or backroom servers to have everything under your control.
  • Sell anywhere on several channels, whether it’s your online store, a physical store, or on social media, and have them all in one place.
  • Track your sales, cash flow, inventory and increase your revenue.
  • Analyze your sales, such as by time periods or SKU.
  • Support promotion and credit cards.

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