How To Add IP Address And Edit DNS Settings

Steps To Add IP Address #

After purchasing a domain name, now you have to add zVendo’s IP address to link your domain name to your zVendo e-commerce store.

Linking your domain with your zVendo e-commerce store will allow your customers to search by your brand name on the browser.


To Add The IP Address #

Follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your domain account.
    Here’s an example from GoDaddy’s dashboard.
  2. Go to “Domain Management“.
  3. Click on “DNS Management“.

  1. In “A” record, click on the edit icon to change the name via editing in the “Host” field, and write “@
  2. Then remove the word Parked and paste zVendo IP address “” in the field of “Points to”.
    As shown in the below picture.
  3. In the “CNAME” record, click on the edit pencil icon.
  4. Write “www” and paste the store name of your zVendo store in the field of “Points To“.
  5. In the TTL (Time To Live) field, choose “Custom” and then choose “600” in the “seconds” field.
  6. Click on “Save“.


After finishing these steps, you can now get back to zVendo dashboard and add up the domain name.

To Add Domain Name on zVendo #

Click here to follow the steps to link your domain name.

Now, you successfully added zVendo IP address and linked the domain with your zVendo e-commerce store.

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