How Do you Link your Commercial Registration Number to your Store?

What is a Commercial Registration Number (CRN)? 


A commercial registration number is a code assigned to each incorporated corporation. Therefore, you will only have a company registration number (CRN) if your business is registered as a limited company or a limited liability partnership.


How Do You Get a Commercial Registration Number ? 


Company registration numbers are assigned; automatically when businesses incorporate, so you do not need to go through a separate process to obtain your CRN.


After incorporating, you’ll obtain a certificate of incorporation that includes your company registration number, the business formation date, and the company type.

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How do you link your Commercial registration number to your zVerndo store? 

1-Login to your zVendo Dashboard 

2- From your dashboard, go to store Settings > Store Identity

3- On the store identity page, Scroll down until you see the Commercial registration number section

4- Fill in the required information Commercial registration number and Tax ID

5- Once you are done, on the bottom left corner of the page, Press Save

That’s it. Now you are good to go!


Where do your customers will see your CRN? 

  • Storefront Footer
  • Invoice

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