How to add selling channels

zVendo provides you with different ways to sell to experience as much profit as you possibly can, you won’t have to limit yourself to a specific channel when you can sell absolutely anywhere.

Sell online with zVendo web store and online store mobile application #

Access your multi-featured, multi-lingual web store now, as well as an online store mobile application for both Android/iOS, that enable you to sell easily online and to reach as many customers as possible with zVendo fully-featured online store and integrations, providing a satisfying E-commerce experience and a comprehensive management program, including product, orders, promotions, and customers management scheme, multi-lingual web store integrations, advanced product configuration, multiple default design templates to choose from, mobile application store management, google analytics and facebook pixel integrations, built-in filter, products sorting management, cash on delivery payment, and sales reporting schemes.

Sell in-person/physical store with zVendo POS system #

Transform your business to a much more sophisticated experience with zVendo POS system that can be accessed on multiple devices and sell in person as in a physical store or at pop-up stores.


  • When you register on you will be asked to check the selling channels you want, to register on zVendo, click here
  • After you create your online store, you can still add the packages and bundles you want, you can read how to do that here

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