A glimpse of zVendo

Welcome to zVendo, wherever you are and whatever you’re selling, you will always have a place to display your brand with us.

zVendo is an E-commerce platform where you can build your online store.

Now, you can display your brand based on ready-to-use templates, and various integrations on hand, to achieve an easy and flexible experience, with multiple channels available to sell on, including, online web store, mobile store application and POS system that can be accessed on various devices.


zVendo offers you the perfect opportunity to establish your own online store and to have every say in how it’s run, as you will have full control of how your shop is going to look like and how customers see your brand, register now and be a part of zVendo by following our registration guide, and enjoy the luxury of having your own place.


Unlimited Admin features and possibilities #


Have your own online store and online store application running in minutes with zVendo mobile application on android/iOS, and fully exploit zVendo dedicated backend/Admin page, where you can track your orders, shipping and payment states, filter products and check inventory, have a thorough look at your sales insights, and accordingly establish a sound sales engagement strategy ,track the presence of an active cart, and visualize the bounce rate, conversion rate and customers traffic through zVendo advanced, customizable analysis plan, and a fully integrated platform.


zVendo POS system #


Sell in real life and manage your physical store just as easily with zVendo POS system.

Expand with wireless-linked devices to your system and link your POS to other terminals to have all your selling channels in one place.

Track your sales, acquire an in-depth estimation of your best selling products and your customers’ behavior, and keep track of your cash flow with an advanced analysis strategy, check inventory, save customers information and top choice products, accordingly support loyalty programs and increase customer traffic, stimulate your revenue with a subsequent satisfactory customer service.

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