How to create promotion coupons

In your online store, you can create promotions for different categories, different regions, and different expiration dates.

And here’s how:

1.       Click on the icon with the 3 lines (hamburger button ☰) next to View your store, choose Marketing, then click on Promotions.

2.       Then you click on Create.

3.       Type the Code (helps with internal filter for your customers), code should not contain capital letters or spaces, and the Name (Is the one that the customer sees)



4.       You fill in the information:

    • Usage limit is how may time one person can use this promotion.
    • Priority is useful if you have more than one promotion code to determine which one you want to prioritize.
    • Start and Ending date is to help you to be specific about the promotion duration.


5.       We add our Rules and these rules determine who uses this promotion code.

    • (for example, We added this promo code for everyone in Egypt) according to the shipping country.

    • Or this Rule that specifies that you can only use this promotion code if your order has a black bag.

    • Or this Rule that specifies that you can only use this promotion code if this is your 6th order and etc…

    • You can add as many Rules as you want.


6.       Then we add the Actions.

    • For Example, this action specifies that you only get a 300 EGP discount on your order.

    • Or you can make the Action specify that the discount only applies if you order from items from the Fashion category that are bags and the price ranges are 100 EGP to 1000 EGP.

    • You can assign as many Actions as you want.


7.       When you finish click on Create.

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