How to add a simple product


  • If you want to add a product that doesn’t have any variants, choose a simple product.
  • Variants are several forms of the same product, for example: a product that has several sizes, so a simple product will have one size.

To create a simple product, please follow these steps:

1-Go to your zVendo Admin page, and click on the icon with the 3 lines (hamburger button ☰) next to View your store, choose catalog, then click on products.

2-Click on create.

3-Start adding your product information, such as product name, and the slug will be added automatically, which is the same as the code, add product long and short descriptions, assign product meta description by adding words which your customers will be able to see in search engine results, as perfecting your meta description is crucial for better search results, add the code (which is a unique product identifier, a product name or slug, for search results purposes, which customers can search your product by), the code can be the same as the name, but without any spaces, and choose product state as preferred, by checking the state you want from enabled, featured, best seller, preOrder, new, zero deposit, zero interest, another one for free, or limited quantity product, all this can be done from the upper part of the page, add your product images, then choose product category or more than one.

You need to enable the product to be visible to customers in your store.


4-From the product settings tab, choose a simple product.

5-From the channels and prices tab, add product price, and if you want to show the product as one on discount, add original price and a new price underneath, and original price to be higher than the current price, if you want to add a discount percentage for customers that will pre-order this product, add this percentage under the prices, all this can be done from the upper part of the page.

6-From properties, assign product attributes or characteristics, which will make an easier experience for the customer to find and purchase your product by appearing in search results, for example, you can create attributes named “material” then add values as “cotton”, or named after a specific ingredient of your product.

7-Assign shipping, and enter product vital information for shipping requirements, like width, height, weight, add taxes if required, by choosing a tax category.

8-Access inventory, and choose if you want to track stock/inventory of this product so you can know when it’s close to running out of stock by checking that button, and you will be able to enter your current stock of the variant in your warehouse or storage house, for example, if you have 12 items of this product variant, enter 12 in the stock tab.

9-Repeat these steps on the Arabic fields.

10-Click on associations/connected types, and choose products you would want to connect to your current product to appear to customers as connected products.

11-Click on Create.

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