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4 easy things to do to get your eCommerce website ready for Black Friday

What’s the story behind Black Friday? Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in the U.S. it’s been celebrated as the beginning of Christmas shopping, where stores offer a lot of discounts, it goes without saying sales sky-rocket during that period. Today we have what we call a Cyber Week, where it’s Black Friday every day of the week, it was created by retailers to encourage customers to shop online. Black Friday being celebrated in

5 Do’s and Don’ts of eCommerce in Ramadan.

eCommerce is all about the right traffic. Online shopping from 8PM to 10PM 80% Want to not let the busy lives of your customers during the holy month affect your sales online?, Then this is for you, Find out how to do that in 5 simple steps: 1-Stick to the themes of Ramadan; let your online store design reflect Ramadan, and feature relevant products. 2-Engage your customers with promotions. 3-Stay active and target customers after Iftar;

11 effective ways to save your online store from abandoned shopping carts.

Have you been experiencing less online sales even though you have high traffic on your online store?, Then you have fallen victim to cart abandonment that any merchant will face more times than they can count, no matter how successful their online business can be. Below we'll give you 11 ways to help you reduce cart abandonment, increase customers dedication to complete the shopping process, and how to stimulate cash flow through a flexible checkout

6 cool stuff to have in your online store with zVendo to enhance your eCommerce experience as a merchant.

Be the first one to know what’s new with zVendo, and stay tuned for upcoming features and cool stuff to use in your online store, we’ll give you some sneak peeks that will make your E-commerce-enthusiastic side satisfied. Don’t forget that you have more than one way to sell With zVendo, you can sell using your online web store, or with your mobile applications for both Android/iOS, or with the Point of Sale application if

Why have your online store with zVendo?

  Switching to E-commerce will definitely transform your business, it won't matter if you already have your physical store running but want to expand to online selling, or if you're starting your business online from scratch; we'll give you 5 reasons why you should start building your online store with zVendo 1. We makes it easy Having your online store will take minutes without you needing to worry about having the optimum technical skills; we

Easy eCommerce tricks to sell better online and to stimulate your online sales with zVendo

Want to sell better online? Do you need more from your E-commerce business? Want to reach a wider variety of customers? Without further ado, zVendo will give you some tips and tricks on how to access a wider product-exposure and how to generate more cash instantly. Here is how you can start doing that in a few steps Product descriptions Your customers will want to know everything there is to know about a product before

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