What we’re offering

What you expect to learn on this page: #

  • Key features 
  • Pricing guide

Key Features #

zVendo provides you with several features to make your experience easier: #

  • An initial 30 days trial.
  • No conspicuous technical skills required to establish your online store ;zVendo provides you with easy, ready to use templates.
  • zVendo offers you several themes to choose from to have full control of your store and its layout, as you have the luxury of building your own store, to make it worth your while.
  • Transform your business to a much more sophisticated experience with zVendo POS system that can be accessed on multiple devices.
  • Access local and international payment getaways as well as shipping couriers.
  • Multi-lingual web store integrations.
  • Built-in filter, and products sorting management.
  • Business to business on demand integrations for a brighter management future.
  • Support discounts and apply promotions.
  • Get full access to track your insights with zVendo advanced analysis plan.
  • Manage your orders and get to know your audience through product, orders, promotions, and customers management scheme, and sales reporting schemes.
  • Make use of the multi-channel option and sell online ,on social media or via a physical store.
  • Fully developed Search engine optimization ‘SEO’.
  • Secure, fast and scalable Servers.
  • Domains providers integrations.
  • Google analytics and Facebook pixel integrations available, for a better perspective on conversion rate in relation to Facebook Ads and what it means for specifying your target audience.
  • For a special custom store design, contact us
  • Have access to English and Arabic languages by default.
  • Access your store anywhere with zVendo online-store mobile application.
  • Secure your account with your own store lock.
  • Sell for the initial 30-day trial without the need to provide any credit card information, then after the trial, you can start using your credit card to pay for the channels subscription fees.

Pricing guide #

  • Start your 30-day free trial with no setup fees, then with monthly subscription starting from EGP 499+ 2% transaction fees.
  • Access web store yearly subscription for EGP 4990, and make use of the two-month free subscription.
  • Get the mobile store application starting from EGP 1950 monthly subscription+ 2% transaction fees.
  • Main location first device starting at EGP 999, and an additional device for main location for EGP 699.
  • Additional location first device for EGP 999, and an additional device for EGP 699.

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