You’re much closer to your store than you realize

What you expect to learn on this page #

  • Your dashboard
  • Get familiar with your orders
  • Create a new order
  • Create promotions
  • Follow up with your insights
  • Get to know your customers

Your Dashboard #

  • zVendo gives you an exquisite brief on your sales, orders, average order value, customers, and page visits per month on your homepage, and indicates if they are less or more than the previous month which in return gives an idea on how your shop is doing.
  • Track your new customers, fulfilled sales, and fulfilled orders.
  • Check out your new orders.
  • You can always stay up-to-date and check out your new customers and orders, items sold per customer and total value of orders, on your homepage.
  • You can just as easily access your homepage on the Application.

Get familiar with your orders #


  • Access your orders on your dashboard and see your orders according to the possibility of them being new, completed, working on, or flaged  on your orders side bar.
  • Filter your orders according to general statue , order statue , payment statue, date range , price range, currency ,total range , payment method and channel used.
  • When you view a specific order you see order ID, customer information, channel used in process, all items included in the order,unit price of each item, whether there is a discount applied, the price after this discount and the price after promotion if there is one applied as well.
  • View order state such as new or in processing, payment state such as awaiting verification or paid and the payment method used.
  • See and edit shipping and taxes used and if there is an extra promotion or discount.
  • Track order history and see previous returns or refunds and reasons for these refunds and if there is previous cancellation.
  • Show and edit customer information, shipping address, billing address and whether it’s the same as the shipping address by checking the same shipping address button.

Create a new order #

  • Access your shop dashboard and click on create new order
  • Select items from add items and select amounts required and support promotion if wanted by entering the promotions code.
  • Add discount, shipping and taxes values in the subsequent fields.
  • Add customer details such as customer’s name, shipping address and billing address if they are new customers by simply clicking on new customer or search for their name if they are previously handled customers.
  • Add payment method as cash on delivery or credit card, then save order.

Create Promotions #

  • Access promotions from your dashboard and select create promotions.
  • Enter code and name of your promotion with a brief description of this promotion.
  • Assign usage limit for accessing this promotion, as number of orders the customer has to make to be granted this promotion, also enable if you want this promotion to be coupon based or an exclusive one.
  • Add priority for acquiring this promotion, based on orders numbers per customer, and specify the channels you want this promotion to be available on, as web store, mobile store application or POS.
  • Specify the start and end date of a particular promotion.
  • Access configuration, and assign rules for accessing this promotion ,simply access types and choose the rules for promotion granting, as cart quantity or customer group. Add count/number for these rules.
  • Assign actions for this promotion, by clicking on type and adding specific actions, as the possibility of wanting this promotion to be fixed per order, to be fixed per item sold, order percentage promotion, item percentage promotion or a shipping percentage discount.
  • Choose the channels you want these actions to be available on, as web store, mobile store application or POS.
  • Filter your promotions according to value or coupon based.

Follow up with your insights #

  • zVendo gives you the opportunity to witness your customer’s behavior and reactions to your store and their impact on your sales, by showing a chart of your products sales in terms of quantity sold and best day of selling that you can access by visiting your insights on your dashboard then accessing your sales.
  • Access your dedicated date range calendar that you can customize easily to show your sales traffic and conversion rate.
  • Check your sales value and best day of selling.
  • Witness your cart behavior, in terms of cancelled checkouts, abandoned cart or succeeded purchases.
  • Track your several channels sales  in terms of sales per channel used.
  • Follow up with your visitors and see how many of them actually proceeded with purchasing your products and how many didn’t follow through, and if they registered or not.
  • See your active audience based on gender which may help in specifying what gender reacts best to your products.
  • Access your top 10 product sales and top country sales.
  • Follow up with your most visited products by accessing your visitors on the side menu of your insights.
  • Check out the actual landing page conversion rate.
  • See visitors in terms of numbers per country,browsers and devices used.
  • Enjoy the Live show that gives you great perspective about current visitors, total visits of the day, orders of the day and total sales, lets you witness users behavior in the shape of a bar graph that employs a graphical assessment of the active carts, checking outs and purchases in terms of numbers, and a real time page views per minute which is a key metric in tracking your audience behavior.

Get to know your customers #

  • Access your customers page on your dashboard.
  • Add new customers. Enter customer name ,Email and any additional information.
  • Assign customers into groups of your choosing, and filter them accordingly.
  • Filter customers according to value.
  • Click on specific customers to track their information, orders and history, where you can also access any comments left by the customer.
  • Track orders state and orders value.
  • Access orders history where you will find previous store owner or store supervisor or client’s notes that help in tracking order process and evaluate customer service.
  • Edit customer information and delete/block certain users.
  • Add customers into groups which you can access easily.
  • Create a new group with a special group code.
  • Add special tags in relation to the customer that help in specifying customers frequent orders and needs.

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