How To Create a Product Category

Creating a category for a group of products is an initial step to start with. Then, you can add your product category to the products page.

Examples for main categories can be:

  • Men Shoes
  • Women Wear

Examples for subcategories can be:

  • Men Classic Shoes
  • Women Home Wear


Always try to unify the way you type the name of your category, for example, small case or upper case.


Steps To Create New Category #


  1. Click on “Product catalog”, and click on “Categories”

2.Then, click on “Create”.

3. Create a new category, enter your category code, which can be its name, but without any spaces, (which is a unique product identifier, a product name or slug, for search results purposes, which customers can search your product by).


Turn on the “Enable” toggle button to make sure the new category is visible in your store.

4. Enter a category name, and the slug (which is the part of the store URL that includes your category name) will be added automatically.

5. Add category description.

6. Add pictures, by clicking on add on the media tab.

7. Repeat these steps on the Arabic fields.

9. Click on Create.


Assign Parent & Child Categories #


To make a category under another category (Parent and child category):

  1. First, create the parent category, for example, T-shirts, then create the child category, for example, Women.
  2. From the categories page, go to the category you want to add a parent category too, then click on the edit icon.
  3. From the right side, add the parent category.
  4. Then “save changes”.


Now, you successfully create a new category to your products.

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