How to connect your Accept payments account to your store on zVendo

  • First, you need to activate your store if you haven’t already, then choose a pricing plan.
  1. From My plan, click on Start Your Free Trial, then click on the button to activate your store.


2-Then choose a plan, and scroll down till you find the payment integration feature, select it.

-Second, You need to create an account with WeAccept payments

WeAccept payments is a payment gateway you can use to accept electronic payments from your customers on your eCommerce website on
1-Create an account on by clicking on “Sign in” or directly through
2-From your WeAccept account, Go to “Payment Integration” and either select an existing or add a new integration.
A payment integration is a connection between your online store on zVendo and your payment service.
3-When adding a new integration – the callback URL should be:
in case of the integration for the online store, for example, if your zVendo store name is Stuff, then your callback URL will be:
Note: You will find your Callback URL in your zVendo admin page. Find out how to find below in the article.
  • Note: leave the callback URL blank in case of using the integration for a mobile app.
  • Mobile App payment should Have a separate integration created for it apart from the online store integration, as each integration has its own “Integration ID
Note: API Data needed for the integration:
  • Integration ID
  • iframe ID
  • Merchant ID
  • HMAC Secret
4-Go to “Iframes” – this is where the payment forms are located
  • The “iframe ID” is the same for Credit Card, E-Wallet payments, and Kiosk.
  • The “iframe ID” is different for valU installment.
5-Go to “Settings” at the bottom right corner
  • This is where you will find your “Merchant ID”  and “HMAC SECRET“, merchant ID is the same for all payment methods ( Credit Card, E-Wallet payments, valU installment, and Kiosk.)
  • The “API KEY”

6-Go to your zVendo store Admin page —> Store configurations—> Payment methods —->Create and select Accept
7-You will find your Callback URL on top of the page, add it in your WeAccept account.
8-Fill in the API Data and choose a name that’ll be displayed for your customers in the checkout, for example, “Credit Card Payment
9-Click on Create

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