How To Register To zVendo

Building Your Online Store #

Your online presence is a hot topic that you have to keep up with. Hence, building your online store is never easier with zVendo as you will have full control over your store back-end and access to add handy features with no coding needed.

Steps to Register to zVendo and Required Data #

  1. From zVendo home page, click on “Build Your Store For Free“.
  2. Start filling in the required data of your account.
  3. Choose a store name as demonstrated in the below picture.
    *Please Note: The store name you would type will be displayed on your zVendo store, which will be displayed in your domain name as well.
  4. Add your email
  5. Add your mobile number and password
  6. Click on “Create My Store“.

Once you finish all the data, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your store link, and credentials.

Congrats, you’ve successfully registered to zVendo.

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