Terminologies on Dashboard & Codes

zVendo introduces crucial terms that store owners might need through their growth journey. Demonstrated below are the terms related to dashboard and codes.


What’s the meaning of SKU? #


Stock Keeping Unit or SKU is a product code that aims to assist merchants to track their stock. Generating unique SKUs for products also aids in the easier search for items and the quantity of each item in inventories.

How To Create SKU? #

SKUs are unique codes for every merchant. They are mainly created based on an alphanumeric sequence, a mingle of alphabets and numbers. SKUs also are shorter codes than Barcodes.

What’s A Barcode? #

A barcode, consisting of bars and spaces is issued to be readable. It consists of numbers that can be read with the barcode scanner.

What’s A Dashboard?​ #


A dashboard is a management tool in the back-end interface where admins monitor performance insights, add data, edit or eliminate information.

What’s Code on zVendo Dashboard? #

A code consists of numbers and letters to act as a product identifier on your dashboard on zVendo. Every merchant creates its own codes.

The code can be the same as the product name, but without spaces or special characters. 

Examples can be like; size-1, zone-1, or storename1.

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