How Do you Export Invoices on zVendo Store?

zVendo enables you to export orders invoices through your store dashboard, either from search results, current page order list, or selected orders.

1- Login to your Dashboard

2- Go to Orders

3- Click on Export invoices

4- Once you click on Export invoices, you will see a pop-up with multiple selections…

  • All Orders: This option allows you to download all invoices
  • Current page: from the bottom of the orders page, select page number and it will download all invoices for this page
  • Current search: on the left side of the page, press filters to download files according to your filter adjustments.

  • Selected orders: The system will only download invoices for the selected orders

5- Choose your desired exporting option

6- by pressing Save, a zip file will automatically download

7- you can either click on the zip file from the left bottom corner or go to the downloads file on your device

Your Invoice includes: 

  1. Order Subtotal
  2. Shipping Fees
  3. Taxes
  4. Promotions
  5. Cash on Delivery Fees
  6. Total Amount



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