Turn Social Media Followers into Customers.
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Turn your Social Media Followers into Customers.

The marketing landscape has changed as a result of social media. Never before has a company been able to reach such a large portion of its target audience at the same time. In 2019, there are around 2.77 billion social media users worldwide, according to Statista. This number is expected to double by 2022.

If you are a business owner whether you are online or offline then you definitely have a presence on two or three social media platforms.

Are you frustrated that social media takes up so much of your time but brings so few benefits to your business?

There’s a vital point you must know very well, that social media is best used for two important factors:

  • As a new leads source.
  • As a place to attract potential customers, followers, and existing customers.

They’ll need to buy what you’re selling at some point, and thanks to the way you’ve built a relationship with them through social media, they’ll come to your store to do so.

Here are effective ways to convert more of your social media followers into paying customers:

Make direct offers.

People follow you for a reason, and so they will be more receptive to direct sales offers than anyone completely unfamiliar with your brand. 

If selling is your primary social activity, you will lose people’s interest. On the other hand, followers are a friendly audience and they have a common interest in what you have to offer; Failure to reach them is a fatal mistake.

you can reach them by, offer exceptional offers available only for a limited time. Offer holiday-themed discounts. Organizing competitions. Introducing new products to the market. If your company offers popular products and services that people need, then direct selling on social media is the best option. They will be more likely to respond if they see your offer at the correct time.

Remarketing to those who didn’t buy.

The constant rush of clicks, tweets, likes, views, comments, and followers on social media is stressful.

This means that your posts and ads are just one flash in a sea of constant activity, with the majority of users contacting you in a passive manner.

Remarketing reminds customers that you caught their eye and gives them another opportunity to buy. It is an excellent technique for communicating directly with small groups of warm leads.

Make use of your content to attract visitors to your website:

The best thing you can do is encourage your social media followers to visit your website. You have their entire attention once they arrive. Potential clients will ultimately see something that attracts them to click if you share a variety of material with enough frequency.

But what do you write about on your blog? You can use your existing pages, such as:

  • Blog posts meet their interests
  • Your available stock
  • your upcoming collection
  • Help pages
  • “About” pages describe all your history, challenges, awards if found. 
  • Pages that highlight your features and compare you to competitors
  • Free trial or other lead generation offers

Almost any page on your website can be used to create a social media post. why? Because each page should offer something to the target audience, like solutions to a problem, suggestions and techniques, video testimonials, contest graphics, a chance to get to know you and understand what makes you unique, and useful information like your shipping policy or membership options. 

Give them a solid Reason to Convert 

When it comes to turning followers into buyers, highlighting the primary aspects of your product isn’t always enough. To make people feel unique, you must go above and above. The majority of us appreciate individualized services. They make us feel important. This is the human psyche, and you can use it to boost conversion rates.

What can you do to make your followers feel important? basic! By providing them with coupons and discounts. Give these incentives only to your followers on social media to ensure exclusivity. This has two effects. First of all, it provides your existing followers with an incentive to become customers. Second, it enables you to expand your fan base. Even if your new followers do not become repeat customers, they will at least try your product. And sometimes, that’s all it takes to turn them into long-term consumers.

In short, you must:

  • Offer discounts and rewards to your fans.
  • To increase your follower and consumer base, make sure it is exclusive.
  • Align it with your company’s overall image. To avoid diluting the brand, make sure the promotion is done seasonally.

So, in general, make the most of your social media presence by realizing its full potential. You just don’t have someone to talk to. Make an effort to convert followers into customers. Only then will your presence on the Internet be useful.

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