Black Friday eCommerce sales: Tips and ideas about how to increase sales during this season!
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Black Friday eCommerce sales: Tips and ideas about how to increase sales during the season!

The countdown has begun, but there is still plenty of time to improve your e-commerce sales strategy on Black Friday 2021.

The first question you must find an answer to is, Is your team and your online store ready to accept high traffic in the upcoming shopping season?

Once they are ready, then start your plan directly.

To help you draw your plan, we’ve outlined 8 Black Friday eCommerce tips to save time and drive more customers in 2021:

1-Put a unique plan for the whole month “Black November”

Many store owners start their promotional campaign a month before Black Friday. Accordingly, you will need to keep up with the market by quickly designing your promotional campaigns during what is now referred to as “Black November”.

Your plan should include tactics like this:

  • A campaign that builds a booming impact on Black Friday should include countdowns, deals, and specials using ads and email. It depends and your brand and type of product.
  • A coordinated and aligned strategy on all online channels – websites, emails, and social channels – in order to increase sales on your sales day.
  • Make a plan and checklist.
  • What kind of discounts should you offer?
  • What is the best time to set prices?
  • When should customers receive the text/email?

2-Segment and target emails before and during Black Friday.

Email is still a core aspect of the Black Friday season. As Alicia Thomas of Klaviyo says “The more you segment and target emails, the more revenue you will generate for each recipient. You’ll also see higher open rates, and higher click-through rates — helping you build and maintain a strong sender reputation,” 

You can segment email lists like this, 

  • seasonal buyers 
  • product browsers
  • Geographic Targets

And this is just an example your email lists must depend on your business need.

3-Make all your efforts to meet customer delivery expectations.

It is an important tip to offer an easy way to deliver and return packages. If it is not simple and fast, the purchase process will likely fail.

4-Inform your shipping policies clearly

During the Black Friday period, it is very necessary, to be honest, and accurate with customers when it comes to delivering the products they have ordered.

Be clear, and tell your customers of shipping rates and methods. Present a clear shipping policy that ensures the customer knows how long delivery can take during current conditions.

5-Use Product reviews to Increase your sales on Black Friday.

Something that almost all online shoppers do is research before they make a purchase, by collecting information about the product they want to buy. Reading user experiences, product reviews and ratings is part of the buying decision.

So ask for feedback, take advantage of it, and you’ll get more honest feedback from your customers. Both good and bad. When you get feedback, you can work on it and improve it. You get to choose: No feedback and fewer sales, or learn from feedback and sell more.

6- Consider running an Influencer campaign

Influencers can enhance your brand, drive more sales, and directly reach your target audience in a way that was not possible before. Influencers campaign will help you enhance word of mouth about specials. Choosing influencers should align with your business goal and sector, not just influencers with high follower counts.

7-Make sure your website is ready.

Make sure your site is ready for Black Friday by checking for potential errors. Check if the site can handle the expected traffic during the entire event.

8- Focus on offering a good customer experience.

Good customer service is no longer extra, it’s crucial to making good sales.

Ensure that customer service can handle all questions about your products or services that your customers may have. And deliver the best customer journey.

It’s not long till the season start, so there’s no better time than the present to start planning your marketing initiatives. Use some of the suggestions we’ve provided here to develop trust, boost sales, and convert one-time holiday consumers into long-term clients.

If you’ve just launched your online store or have questions before launching, feel free to contact us at zVendo.