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Step by step how to build an online fashion store without a developer! 2021

You decide to start your online clothing store or develop your business from offline to online. Great! You are on the right path, eCommerce offers an excellent chance to start a business without the expenses that can come with traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

Once you decide to launch your online clothing store, you must put in your mind that thinking about a store and actually starting a store are two separate things. It’s easy to think of a world where customers crowd to your brand overnight, but getting to that point takes a lot of work on the back end.

The programmer, Paul Graham, summed it up by saying “You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and drag them back to your store.”

This is what you really want: find customers and direct them to your store. The more challenges you face and the more easily you can overcome them through effective marketing techniques and ideas, and results will surprise you.

There’s an age-old question we must answer!

What benefits from selling online vs. offline?

  1. E-commerce and social media websites can be accessed 24/7 which will allow customers to access you at any time.
  2. Online businesses do not need to consider the high costs of store rentals, security measures, utility bills, and large staff teams. In the end, it allows you to market products at competitive prices.
  3. Potential shoppers want to make more purchases when they can do it instantly, rather than waiting for the regular store to open.
  4. Build an amazing customer experience by offering some unique options like:
  • Providing content: Your branches, your brand history, exchange and refund policies, terms and conditions, and so on.
  • Size charts, and filtering different color choices and sizes.
  • Provide categories of different types of clothes for facilitating the shopping experience.
  • Offer coupons and promo codes to engage your customers.
  • Different payment methods.

So, it’s time for the question: how to start?

Here are the steps for creating your online clothing store!

Step 1: Choose your online clothing store niche and your products.

In this step, the choice is in your hands, whether selecting the products first and based on their nature determining the category of your audience, or choosing a specific segment and searching for products that match their interests.

Ultimately, everyone needs clothes but not everyone needs the same clothes, so be as unique as possible to differ from others. Especially in the fashion field, because if your brand is the same as hundreds of others, you are unlikely to get ahead.

So you must give this step its time because all other steps will depend on it.

Step 2: Outline your business plan

A well-thought-out step for all businesses, your plan must exceed  “sell items, make money.”  You must delve into every single detail that specifics about how your business will operate, including:

  • Description of your company, including products, customer demographics, interests and needs, and plans to stay competitive.
  • Competitive analysis that focuses on competitors in the same area, clarifies their strengths and weaknesses, and techniques in which a new company can gain an advantage.
  • Market analysis looking at market data and statistics, including average sales, number of other vendors, and expected growth rates.
  • A clear description of products and services offered.
  • How the funding will be performed, including the amount of funding required and how it will be obtained. As well as financial projects in the near future and from a long-term perspective.

Selling clothes, in general, can be approached in a number of different ways, so you have to ask yourself how you will start and what business model will allow you to grow faster without draining over your budget.

Step 3: Start your eCommerce platform.

Now begins the critical part: creating your online store.

The first thing you must decide is your domain name. Next, you’ll want to choose your platform and your theme. This is one of the most important decisions you will make when building your store. And it is so easy you can start your online store with a ready-made platform like zVendo you can get started with a professional eCommerce retail site in next to no time. Without the need of a developer and can also help you buy your domain.

And you must assure your website looks professional and offers a seamless shopping journey with all features that provide an amazing customer experience for their shoppers, like femi9 Egypt, Zoya Egypt,marielouis, tiyi, citybackpack, this is a sample of our client’s online store.

Step 4: Launching your online store and bringing Traffic to Your Online Clothing Store

Once your store is ready, the products are in place, your business plan has been clearly set up, implementation is organized, and the site is completed, it is time to launch your clothing store online. It’s time to attract shoppers to your store and increase traffic with effective marketing techniques.

If you’ve just launched a clothing store or have questions before launching, don’t hesitate to contact us zVendo.

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