How to market your eCommerce store and increase traffic?
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How to market your eCommerce store and increase traffic?

It’s no secret that e-commerce sales are exploding.

Creating your online store is so easy to do. However, engaging with customers is not that easy, and we must admit that every online store aims to increase traffic and conversions. But the challenging point here is what marketing tactics do you decide to choose?

And that’s what we will be going through, we will put together effective marketing tactics and ideas on how to implement every approach!

Any merchant can market their eCommerce store by himself with or without needing an external agency and with very affordable prices. All they will do is be willing to know more and more.

Effective marketing is about reaching audiences repeatedly to build familiarity and finally encourage buying.

So, what can you do to win this challenge?

Here are some E-marketing tactics to help you get more traffic to your online store!


  • Social media Bios 


One of the most important ways to get traffic and with literally no money. Put your store link at the social media bios. This method will be more effective for businesses that have an active presence on social media platforms and a significant number of followers.

The best advantage of this method is: you make it easier for your shoppers to find your products online.

Also, most people often search for products on social media platforms and discover new brands there. So if your product is in demand, anyone might visit your social media page and a link in your bio can easily direct them to your website.


  • Social media advertising


Advertising, in general, is the fastest way to get more traffic to your online store. However, Instead of investing in all types of paid campaigns, you can choose some social media tactics to limit your spending.

And that is for two important reasons :

  1. Targeting the right audience with affordable prices.
  2. Social media algorithms have evolved to a level where they can show highly targeted ads to every user,

You search online for a product and within fifteen minutes you will see an ad for the same or similar products on social media. This is the level of targeted advertising that social media gives.

So, your role is only to clearly define and segment your targeted audience and let social media advertising surprise you. 

  • Optimize your SEO to be on point

Let us say that the solution that nothing replaces for gaining traffic to your website is SEO. It’s a long-term solution but it is the most effective and can’t be replaced.

SEO techniques can help you rank organically and get discovered by relevant users by optimizing your product pages, but in the end, all SEO basics are the same for all websites. However, there are some small certain  SEO tips for eCommerce sites.


  • Add your targeted keywords to your product title and description.
  • Provide all relevant information your targeted audience may search by and also try to add multiple keywords that people might use for search.
  • Make sure that all your pages load quickly and perform well on all devices.
  • Use structured data to stand out your search results.


  • Run promotions to boost your sales

If you want a quick increase in traffic and sales to your website then it’s time to run a promotion. It’s a tested and trusted technique that marketers always use and always work.

These promotions can be anything that attracts your targeted audience like promo codes, gifts, flash sales, cashback promotions, and so on.

  • Build a customer loyalty program

One of the most effective long-term techniques for boosting your sales is to delight your existing customers to act as your brand advocates. And then the magic of word of mouth will work.

There’s nothing better than convincing people to buy something from someone who already uses it.

So, you have to start a loyalty program that rewards customers for referring your brand to new customers. And also, encourage repeated purchases by providing benefits to your loyal customers to shop more and more from your brand.

  • Attract more customers by using relevant and engaging content

This is another long-term technique strategy, it may not give immediate results but it can ensure a steady flow of traffic to your website. This is the reason why many eCommerce websites have a blog.

You should use quality content to attract prospective customers to your website and then can use internal linking to get more conversions. So start your blog where you post great topics relevant to your product sector.

You can create informative content relevant to your sector like tips and tricks on how to use your product. For example, if you have a fashion online store, you can use your blog to provide fashion tips, what are the trends, how to make a stand-out outfit, and so on.

With the growth of eCommerce and increasing competition among sellers, putting the effort into marketing your online store is more important than ever. However, implementing the strategies takes time. The tactics cover different channels that all should be checked routinely, and the results will not come immediately so be patient and work hard.

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