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Easy eCommerce tricks to sell better online and to stimulate your online sales with zVendo

Want to sell better online? Do you need more from your E-commerce business?

Want to reach a wider variety of customers?

Without further ado, zVendo will give you some tips and tricks on how to access a wider product-exposure and how to generate more cash instantly.

Here is how you can start doing that in a few steps

Product descriptions

Your customers will want to know everything there is to know about a product before they take the leap and go ahead to buy it, that’s why you can always support their decisions with detailed product descriptions, also a short description for people who search the products for a specific detail they want, and using the right terms to attract them, when they think about clothes for instance ,they will want to see key words like “get your”, “the best”, “suits you”, “instantly”, “fits all tastes”, “matches any outfit”, also the audience would want to see good photos of a product before they bite the bullet and purchase it, good photos are one of the best, yet simplest customer engagement methods.

Use the right meta description

A meta description is that description that appears to customers when they search for your products on search engines, you simply have to write the right key words in a meta description, so customers can reach you with ease; we give you a fully developed search engine optimization for better search results every time.

Follow up with our advanced analysis plans

We provide you with google analytics and Facebook pixel, to get detailed insights into your sales, customer traffic, best-selling products, your loyal customers, and helps you understand how to advertise your business, and to get to know your customers’ behavior and response to your brand.

Support discounts and promotions

Engage your customers and build loyal ones with frequent promotions and discounts, you can also go above and beyond with loyalty programs with a Point of Sale application that zVendo offers you, that you can use to support loyalty cards for customers to collect points and frequent your store more often.

Engage customers in a newsletter and a blog

Customers will be able to access new offers and latest news by subscribing to your newsletter with their Email, also a blog is a win when it comes to how you can build a loyal audience, with detailed and engaging articles on how-tos, like how they can use and navigate your store, how to use the search filters to easily access their desired products and options, how they can use the Wish lists and compare lists, till an easy and smooth checkout, and don’t worry we offer all these features to your customer to make sure your products are as easily accessible as possible.

Offer more than one payment method

Customers will be encouraged to purchase more when they can choose their payment method, as cash on delivery or by using their credit card.

Add Frequently asked questions and reviews

People tend to see these things before they make a decision to buy a product, that is why you need to support questions and answers and product reviews.

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