Why Selling Through a Website Is 10 Times More Profitable than Social Selling?
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Why Selling Through a Website Is 10 Times More Profitable than Social Selling?

Do you have a business and you’re bombarded with daily direct messages from customers on Facebook and Instagram?

Between tens of messages asking about your products and others making orders, you can get lost and even frustrated; besides the manual process that you have to go through to write down orders made and customers’ information. That’s why many businesses are now investing in e-commerce websites.

Whether your business is booming or still a startup, having a website is the best sales solution you can ever have in 2021 to guarantee that your business is seen and known as it should be.

With it, you can display your products from different angles, providing all the information customers need to know, like product descriptions and prices. You can also update the inventory to let your audience know which products are no longer available and which ones are still available, cutting down long and tedious conversations between you and customers. By creating a pleasant shopping experience for your customers, you can easily double your revenues.

Another perk of having an online store or a website is cost-effectiveness. Today with just a few steps, you can set up your online store and start selling your products locally and internationally, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Out of all the options available, having a website with zVendo will help you create a multilingual website. You get to create an Arabic version for the locals, and another one in English for the internationals, expanding your customer base and revenues you can manage from only one dashboard.

Implementing the Tips mentioned below may offer new opportunities to you to grow your online business;

1- Each product should have its own page. 

This page’s main goal is to answer your potential customer’s inquiries in this stage to take the decision to buy the product or not. 

You must consider these things while preparing your product page:

  • Product Image.
  • Description (make sure it’s unique and not copied from another relevant product source).
  • User reviews and ratings.

2-Try to monitor what people are searching for on your website – you might found that customers misspelling certain product names or search for products you already have but with another name.

3- Make sure to let people trust what they are buying from. Add all your contact info to reach you easily like your business’s phone number, your address (if available), your social media accounts.

4-  Set limitations at this point, customers take the decisions that they need your product or service, and the price is reasonable to their needs. But the problem is the delay in taking a decision Without a sense of urgency, customers calm down and may forget your product, so you have to make them feel that there is something they are about to lose. The question here is how to overcome this hurdle? It’s so simple just set a limitation in quantity or time.

5- Don’t forget your existing customers. Many small businesses tend to be more concerned about attracting new customers and not focus on retaining existing ones, which is no less important than focusing on catching new ones. That’s why customer retention is important for your online store to increase ROI and customer loyalty. You can know more about customer retention here.

6- Try to provide as many as you can payment options. By offering more payment options, including newer services that are increasingly popular on mobile, you’re making it easier for potential customers to buy from your website because you make the buying process easy.

Of course, there are many more ways to bring more customers to your online store and increase your sales. But these are just examples of how to nudge more customers and build a good customer experience impression.


If you’ve just launched your online store or have questions before launching, feel free to contact us at zVendo.