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Key essentials to optimizing your startup eCommerce website for higher sales



If you’ve recently started your eCommerce business and you feel like it’s not going anywhere or it’s not providing you with the profit you expected then that’s completely normal and a lot of company owners have been in the exact same place before becoming big and viral, and the way to fix this is a lot easier than you think and wouldn’t cost you much, so let’s sum it down to a few pointers or guidelines to help you achieve your goals and set you on the right track. 


SEO and search results


You made the decision of taking your local business online by creating an online store and official website and that’s already a great start, however, there are a few things that you need to look out for as that alone won’t drive traffic towards it without optimizing your website SEO, by improving your online store keywords and relevant messages, as a few small changes to the websites messages and content can boost your ranking on search engines.

Here’re a few important ways you can boost your eCommerce website search results:


High-resolution images and loading speed


SEO boosters also include good quality pictures with small size that translates into a faster loading time as you don’t want customers to wait forever for your website pictures to load so they can see your products.


Providing relevant product descriptions


Make sure to optimize your product descriptions for SEO, which simply means the most important characteristics of your product, if you’re selling clothes and apparel, then the customers would want to see a description mentioning the material of your product, what it’s made of, all sizes available, attributes and unique aspects of your product and how it would match any outfit they have, relevant keywords are very important for better search results.


Facebook SEO


To optimize your Facebook page for SEO so your facebook page comes in google search results when customers search for products like yours, they search using certain keywords to describe their needs, that’s why your Facebook page needs to have content reflecting these keywords so you can rank higher in search results.


Facebook Vanity URL


One of the most important ways to boost your Facebook page search results is choosing the best name for your page and that name should be the same one in your page Url so customers can search you easily.

Your vanity URL should include your brand name, should be short, easy to use, share and to be remembered by your customers, for example, if your brand name is “My brand” then your Facebook URL should be “”

and not like this “”.


Use content with searchable keywords


Your facebook page posts should have content that reflects your brand and products, using descriptions and keywords that you know your customers will search for, also visual content using good-quality photos and descriptive videos, and carousels are very important as well.


About us page and contact  information


Make your customers know you better and let them read about your brand as customers buying decisions are based on recognizing you truly exist and that you can help them, this means you need to provide your contact information clearly on your Facebook page.

Also, a clear “Shop Now” button that directs to your eCommerce website is important for easy customers shopping.





You can also give loyal customers a reason to keep saying good things about you and to spread the word of mouth, by offering a discounted product or service, which can also bring you new affiliates that will recommend their family and friends to use your service or products, as customers trust friends and family to make good recommendations, word-of-mouth marketing is priceless, even one person with a big network can have a huge impact on your business. 


Reviews and word of mouth


Make sure that your business has a good reputation and a clear brand identity, as a good impression goes a long way especially if other people can see what kind of experience customers had with you, which can happen in several forms as good reviews, ratings, testimonials and again customers word of mouth, set up an account on social media or popular review sites and ask your customers to share their feedback, going forward, you should encourage new customers to do the same.

Asking for a review right after a purchase keeps the experience friendly and it shows that you care about their opinion, a positive feedback will show you the strengths and cons that you need to keep up while the negative ones will show you areas of improvement. 


Your unique selling proposition


A good old SWOT analysis will give you great input into the strengths and weaknesses of your business as well, and will help you make smarter decisions regarding your product performance, best locations to target to sell your product or service, customers segmentation, and targeting, and many more crucial insights that are essentials in establishing your brand identity and acquiring a reasonable market share for your business.


Take a break


Always remember running a small business as a startup could prove to be a challenge to almost everyone regardless of experience, sometimes the best way to improve your business and reignite your passion is to take some time off, never underestimate the potential value of spending some time away from your work, as that could potentially spark some new innovative ideas or shed light on an issue that you were facing and never guessed you’d find a solution for.


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