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Paying your subscription fees.

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Depending on what channel or which features you want to implement on zVendo, after your 30-day free trial, you will be expected to pay monthly fees for these facilities, which will be withdrawn monthly from your credit card that you specified its configuration at the beginning of using your store on zVendo, we accept payments as MasterCard Payment Gateway Service (MiGS) or We Accept.

your fees will vary accordingly:

  • Online web store monthly subscription starting from EGP 499+ 2% transaction fees.
  • Online web store yearly subscription for EGP 4990, and make use of the two-month free trial.
  • Online mobile store application starting from EGP 1950 monthly subscription+ 2% transaction fees.
  • zVendo POS system, providing main location first device starting from EGP 599, and an additional device for main location for EGP 399.
  • Additional location first device for EGP 599, and an additional device for EGP 399

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