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How to configure shipping

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To use zVendo shipping providers, you need first to choose a shipping method, shipping methods can be Aramex, R2S, or you can choose standard delivery when you want to ship on your own without a shipping company, if you choose a shipping company, after you sign your contract, we will integrate your shipping method to your online store.

Once you sign your contract with a shipping company, or if you want a standard delivery ,you can follow these steps to configure all requirements for shipping integration:

1-From your Admin page, click on the icon with the 3 lines (hamburger button ☰) next to View your store,  you will need to add cities required for shipping, and to do that, go to your navigation menu from the icon with the 3 lines next to View your store, then choose Store configurations>Store settings>Countries.

2-Click on create, and add the country you want to ship orders to.

3 Add cities inside this country, by accessing the same navigation menu, choose Store configurations>Shipping>Cities, then click on manage cities, then choose Add city.  

4-Add zones to ship to, keeping in mind that every shipping method can only deliver to one zone, to do that, from the navigation menu, choose Store configurations>Shipping>Zones, Click on create.

5-Choose zone consisting of cities, to create a zone inside the city you previously created.

6-Add several members inside this zone, members as 1st settlement, and 5th settlement.

7-Add price per first KG for shipping, then add value of any other KG added after, then click on save.

8-Add your shipping method, from the navigation menu, choose Store configurations>Shipping>Shipping method, then click on create.

9-Enter name of the shipping method, add description, and the name of the zone you created, add taxes if required, and choose the shipping charges.

10-Click on create.

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