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Frequently asked questions

Know more about zVendo

Who are we and what do we offer?

zVendo is an E-commerce platform where you can build your online store and display your brand based on ready-to-use templates, and various integrations on hand, to achieve an easy and flexible experience, with multiple channels available to sell on, including, online web store, mobile store application and a POS system that can be accessed on various devices.

To what extent does zVendo help me manage my online business?

zVendo takes action into transforming your business to E-commerce through providing you with a satisfactory and easy store-management experience, by updating your store regularly with new features and functions including bug fixes, keeps you always up-to-date and providing guidance through new, educating articles to help you stay informed on what’s new and what to do in case of having any issues with your online presence, provides you with manuals and videos to guide vendors with the full E-commerce experience and a never-ending online support to vendors when needed for online store management.

What are the vendor’s team responsibilities ?

Vendors will manage their own product listing with ready-to-use templates, manage their own photo-shooting and photo editing, control their digital marketing, online advertising and social media management and moderation, they will support promotions and establish campaigns, manage customer service, orders processing, order fulfillment, shipping and money collection, all through zVendo comprehensive backend system and various integrations to be implemented.

What are the channels available for online selling ?

zVendo provides you with different ways to sell to experience as much profit as you possibly can, you won’t have to limit yourself to a specific channel when you can sell absolutely anywhere, whether it’s an online web store, online store mobile application, or a POS system that can be accessed on multiple devices to give you the opportunity to sell in person as in a physical store or at pop-up stores.

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