How To Add Image Sliders To My Store Home Page

Display home sliders to your online store. Make sure you add up to three or four sliders to your e-commerce store.  Follow the listed steps to keep your customers posted with discounts and best-selling products.


Steps To Add Image Sliders #

  1. From “Look and Feel”, click on “Content Manager”
  2. Click on “Image Slider”

3. Click on “Choose File” to upload the image and make sure to add image sliders with a size of (1950 x 500) and 300 or 350 KB maximum.

4. You can specify the arrangement of sliders from “Positions”

5. Make the slider clickable by adding an “External Link” or choose the “Related Category” as shown in the below picture.

6. Press on the “Enabled” field and choose to make the slider “Enabled” to make the slider visible on your home page, or “Disable” to hide the slider, according to your business need.

7.Now, click on “Save Changes”


Highlighted Notes #

Delete the demo sliders at the back of the page as demonstrated in the below picture.

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