Get started

  • Follow the Get started button to the registration form.
  • Enter you name, Email, phone number and password.
  • Follow the Email that is sent to you to activate your store.
  • After the Email activation, you will be directed to activate your store with an SMS.
  • Type the store name you would want to be displayed on your zVendo store, which will be displayed in your domain name as well, like the following:
  • When you enter your domain name, keep in mind that when you first create your store, you will be choosing your primary domain, which you can change to your own company’s domain name or any other domain you can buy from a domain hosting website and sync to your store from your backend/Admin page. Your primary domain will go as something like this:, as for any domain name you choose to use later, it will look like this:
  • Choose your store template, which best compliments your type of industry.
  • Select what channel you wish to sell on, as Web store, Mobile store application ,or POS.
  • Choose your preferred locale/language.
  • Specify the currency required for products’ prices/cash collection.
  • Choose industry based on your brand type or industry, as Fashion, Electronics or Sports.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully, and then click on Create a store

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