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Key essentials to defining the target market for your eCommerce business


Knowing which audience to target with your products or services is going to help a great deal in drawing down a strategy plan on how to proceed moving forward with your business, given the current state of the economy, knowing which customers are attracted to your products is important, trust that no one can afford to target everyone, yet small businesses can effectively compete with large companies by targeting small yet specific group of individuals.

Targeting a specific group of people or segment doesn’t necessarily mean to disregard people who don’t fit your strategy plan, but it allows you to focus your investment on a specific market and segment that is more likely to engage with your brand and business model, this is a much more affordable, efficient, and effective way to reach potential clients and generate business quickly and efficiently and to build a loyal customer base.

With that in mind, it is a lot easier to determine where and how to strategize your steps and here are a few tips to help you define your target market and to maximize your online sales.



Regular check-up on your followers and your customer base

Who are your followers and what interests them in your product or service?

Look for common traits among them, which ones frequently order or enquire about your products? Which product from your store do they buy the most? Who are your most loyal and repeated customers?

These questions are important, and they help you make smarter decisions moving forward, Your online store dashboard on zVendo offers these insights plus Google analytics as well.

Surveys will help a great deal in collecting customers’ common interests and feedback on your product or service.


“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said”

Peter Drucker
American-Austrian consultant

Be where your customers are

One of the important points of managing a successful business strategy is thinking like your customer, that way you will be able to focus on a specific target and drive more sales. However, there are ups and downs to this, let’s start off with the downside of thinking like a customer, If you allow yourself to overthink like a customer you might actually start losing sales by becoming too understanding and sympathetic, eventually, your product may actually become too perfect and too valued that a specifically limited segment of customers would purchase it.

Yet, successful salesmen work on enhancing their understanding of their customers’ needs, it takes effort and skill to adapt to someone’s mindset, instead of focusing on how you’re going to get customers to do what you want, you switch to letting them know you’re on their side and your objective is to help them reach theirs.

So now that we know how it can backfire, the perfect balance is the key and the workarounds here are a couple of tips on how to simply figure out what your customers need:

1- When a business is starting, social media marketing is essential, you would want to exist on every platform and not to miss out on any potential engagement. This could be a little overwhelming and less productive since you will be distracted by managing different types of platforms and some of them might not be getting enough engagements, instead, find where your consumers are if they’re spending more time on Facebook for example, instead of Instagram then so should you.


Some brands like clothing and apparel will work more on Instagram, also if you’re targeting an audience younger than 30, Instagram will work better for you.

2-In Social Media, It’s important to be social and relevant, customers may lose interest if you don’t keep them engaged, this is why it is important for you to find out what’s trending between your consumers and discussing it, this is a great way of showing your audience what your brand is about in an engaging and fun way to Have them connect with not only the brand but the human behind it, someone who understands them rather than a machine sending out automated messages.



Keep an eye on your competitors

Focusing on your market is important, however, you also need to keep in mind that you are not likely the only one providing this service/product and that others will strive to reach the top before you do, so it’s better to experiment first with a niche market that will promise more loyal customers, a faster conversion time, and a better brand awareness.

Keep in mind that establishing your unique selling proposition will help a great deal in moving faster than your competitors.


SWOT analysis and TWOS matrix will help you figure out your strengths and weakness, which in turn, can save you a lot of time.



Experiment with multiple interests 

Don’t narrow your circle by choosing one or two similar traits that your customers have, for example, you can use age, occupation or lifestyle, a simple example is if your services include bookstore supplies such as notebooks or pens, etc. you can prioritize students regardless of ages whether they’re high schoolers or college seniors.



Experiment with different methods of approaching new customers

Try adding a new product that you wouldn’t normally provide, this is a low-risk high reward approach of testing whether your current followers would express interest in anything new that you have to offer, and if you didn’t achieve the expected results it can still cater to a newer audience different from the one you had before.

In the end, it all goes down to who would benefit from our services the most and trying to reach them at the right time using the best approach while also slowly trying to cater to a wider audience to maximize your sales.




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Key essentials to optimizing your startup eCommerce website for higher sales


If you’ve recently started your eCommerce business and you feel like it’s not going anywhere or it’s not providing you with the profit you expected then that’s completely normal and a lot of company owners have been in the exact same place before becoming big and viral, and the way to fix this is a lot easier than you think and wouldn’t cost you much, so let’s sum it down to a few pointers or guidelines to help you achieve your goals and set you on the right track. 


SEO and search results


You made the decision of taking your local business online by creating an online store and official website and that’s already a great start, however, there are a few things that you need to look out for as that alone won’t drive traffic towards it without optimizing your website SEO, by improving your online store keywords and relevant messages, as a few small changes to the websites messages and content can boost your ranking on search engines.

Here’re a few important ways you can boost your eCommerce website search results:


High-resolution images and loading speed


SEO boosters also include good quality pictures with small size that translates into a faster loading time as you don’t want customers to wait forever for your website pictures to load so they can see your products.


Providing relevant product descriptions


Make sure to optimize your product descriptions for SEO, which simply means the most important characteristics of your product, if you’re selling clothes and apparel, then the customers would want to see a description mentioning the material of your product, what it’s made of, all sizes available, attributes and unique aspects of your product and how it would match any outfit they have, relevant keywords are very important for better search results.


Facebook SEO


To optimize your Facebook page for SEO so your facebook page comes in google search results when customers search for products like yours, they search using certain keywords to describe their needs, that’s why your Facebook page needs to have content reflecting these keywords so you can rank higher in search results.


Facebook Vanity URL


One of the most important ways to boost your Facebook page search results is choosing the best name for your page and that name should be the same one in your page Url so customers can search you easily.

Your vanity URL should include your brand name, should be short, easy to use, share and to be remembered by your customers, for example, if your brand name is “My brand” then your Facebook URL should be “”

and not like this “”.


Use content with searchable keywords


Your facebook page posts should have content that reflects your brand and products, using descriptions and keywords that you know your customers will search for, also visual content using good-quality photos and descriptive videos, and carousels are very important as well.


About us page and contact  information


Make your customers know you better and let them read about your brand as customers buying decisions are based on recognizing you truly exist and that you can help them, this means you need to provide your contact information clearly on your Facebook page.

Also, a clear “Shop Now” button that directs to your eCommerce website is important for easy customers shopping.





You can also give loyal customers a reason to keep saying good things about you and to spread the word of mouth, by offering a discounted product or service, which can also bring you new affiliates that will recommend their family and friends to use your service or products, as customers trust friends and family to make good recommendations, word-of-mouth marketing is priceless, even one person with a big network can have a huge impact on your business. 


Reviews and word of mouth


Make sure that your business has a good reputation and a clear brand identity, as a good impression goes a long way especially if other people can see what kind of experience customers had with you, which can happen in several forms as good reviews, ratings, testimonials and again customers word of mouth, set up an account on social media or popular review sites and ask your customers to share their feedback, going forward, you should encourage new customers to do the same.

Asking for a review right after a purchase keeps the experience friendly and it shows that you care about their opinion, a positive feedback will show you the strengths and cons that you need to keep up while the negative ones will show you areas of improvement. 


Your unique selling proposition


A good old SWOT analysis will give you great input into the strengths and weaknesses of your business as well, and will help you make smarter decisions regarding your product performance, best locations to target to sell your product or service, customers segmentation, and targeting, and many more crucial insights that are essentials in establishing your brand identity and acquiring a reasonable market share for your business.


Take a break


Always remember running a small business as a startup could prove to be a challenge to almost everyone regardless of experience, sometimes the best way to improve your business and reignite your passion is to take some time off, never underestimate the potential value of spending some time away from your work, as that could potentially spark some new innovative ideas or shed light on an issue that you were facing and never guessed you’d find a solution for.


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4 easy things to do to get your eCommerce website ready for Black Friday

What’s the story behind Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in the U.S. it’s been celebrated as the beginning of Christmas shopping, where stores offer a lot of discounts, it goes without saying sales sky-rocket during that period.

Today we have what we call a Cyber Week, where it’s Black Friday every day of the week, it was created by retailers to encourage customers to shop online.

Black Friday being celebrated in physical stores, even though it was very profitable, had many obstacles. On top of that list is traffic, where many people would jam the stores and sometimes end up not even finding the item they’re looking for among the crowd and many other lost opportunities of that sort.

Online services bypass all these obstacles by simply bringing their products to the comfort of their customers’ homes, which allowed the existence of the “Cyber Week” that witnessed many groundbreaking records in sales in the past couple of years.

We’ve gathered some major points on how to best prepare for this coming “Cyber Week”, Check them out below:


Plan ahead and make a noise!

Prepare all products you want to be on discount with the exact percentages, and start planning your campaign on social media with highlighted discounts and attractive image designs to suit the Black Friday occasion ,make sure to use a catchy caption, short call to action with a discount or offer percentage on Instagram as it tends to sell the most, and don’t forget using hashtags.

Start planning your eCommerce website to suit the occasion, add a banner on your website homepage that reflects the black Friday with the main discount percentage, promote your products to be on the homepage and make sure to have all categories and variety of products available on the homepage as well, all for easy access to your customers and a guaranteed fast shopping experience and also up-selling opportunities through making variable products from multiple categories available on the homepage.

Again, you want your audience to not only like your advertisements, but also share it among friends and loved ones, so always use colorful and trendy visual demonstrations, Holiday-themed banners, memorable catch-phrases… all these are powerful tools that should be utilized during this occasion to ensure the best outcome.


Mobile Optimization/Responsiveness

People tend to browse/shop more using their mobile phones, especially when they’re shopping for cheap deals and discounts that may be sold out soon, seeing how accessible and user-friendly mobiles are, so if you do not have a mobile application of your online store yet, you should consider adding that to your list.

If you already do, then definitely make some preparations and make sure that it is fully optimized, user-friendly for the Black Friday occasion and glitch-free.


Email Marketing

One of the easiest methods to access repeated and loyal customers is sending them Newsletters with your latest offers and news, they’re easy to design and you will only need to add a few words with your discount and share the shopping link with your audience, Newsletters are easy to measure and your customers can easily share it with their friends and connections.

Email Marketing is easy, fast, effective and cheap.


Supply and demand

With huge demand, you’re going to need a bigger supply, make sure to stock up on all of your products, always expect that demand may overcome your supply so always make sure that you have an extra supply on your highly demanded products.




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5 Do’s and Don’ts of eCommerce in Ramadan.

eCommerce is all about the right traffic.

Online shopping from 8PM to 10PM


Want to not let the busy lives of your customers during the holy month affect your sales online?, Then this is for you, Find out how to do that in 5 simple steps:

1-Stick to the themes of Ramadan; let your online store design reflect Ramadan, and feature relevant products.

2-Engage your customers with promotions.

3-Stay active and target customers after Iftar; fasting includes also fasting from online shopping, and it increases after Ifatr until Suhoor.

4-Encourage customers to shop online anytime with your online store mobile applications.

5-Get special with a marketing campaign customized to Ramadan, and stay away from provocative content.

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11 effective ways to save your online store from abandoned shopping carts.


Have you been experiencing less online sales even though you have high traffic on your online store?, Then you have fallen victim to cart abandonment that any merchant will face more times than they can count, no matter how successful their online business can be.

Below we’ll give you 11 ways to help you reduce cart abandonment, increase customers dedication to complete the shopping process, and how to stimulate cash flow through a flexible checkout experience.

Stay consumer-oriented (Before establishing your online store)

One of the main reasons behind an eCommerce business falling victim to cart abandonment is the lack of customer focus they implement when they start their online presence, which falls under a famous marketing crisis called “Marketing Myopia” that explains the difficulties that merchants face when they think more about their product instead of thinking more about their customers and what they need from that product, how can that product serve them and change their lives.

Online shopping may seem easy, considering how much growth eCommerce in the middle east specifically has seen, which is expected to reach a total market size of $28.5 billion by the year 2020.

But in reality, it is one of the most difficult decisions a buyer can face, even if they are a regular online shopper, they will still think twice before clicking that “Buy” button, as a merchant, you will have to consider their fears, that they can’t see or feel the product, implementing some eCommerce trends as augmented reality can very much influence their purchase,  and good photos with every angle can pretty much suffice for startup companies with limited resources, that is one of the ways to achieve that, but what else do you have to think about?, you’ll have to think about their first thoughts when they open your online store, search for a product, and just before they click the add to cart button, what do they want to see?, they will want to see a detailed description of that product, they want to see sizes, colors, options, they want to see clear prices, discounts, promotions, and personalized messages made just for them, to convince them to bite the bullet and invest in that product blindingly, that explains the need for always putting customers first and considering their needs.

Consider all consumers’ types (Implementing a short and specific shopping process)

Today’s consumers are busy, time sensitive, have no time for a detailed and long shopping process that won’t really positively affect their buying decisions as much as it would negatively affect your sales as a merchant, as paying too much thought into throwing off multiple steps for consumers to complete to reach the checkout step is not positive as much merchants would think, considering nowadays consumers, think about as few steps as possible for them to shop, choose a product, add to cart, and then proceed to checkout in less than a minute.

That would be easy to implement with an easy online store layout, with products varieties clear on the landing page, menus, categories visible, prominent call to action button, multiple product options as colors underneath the same product, to decrease customers having to search for a specific color or size, and clear pricing for every option, with a clear add to cart button that would automatically open a visible window for consumers to access their carts, and that they won’t have to look for the cart all over your online store.

Adding related products or “People also search for” tool, following consumers choosing a specific product to buy, to influence consumers to buy more than one product or products in sets, is an excellent way to increase cart quantity without consumers even noticing their actions.

Return and refund policies 

As mentioned before, consumers don’t get to touch or feel the products, that is why you need to support their buying decisions with prominent guarantees and clear return and refund policies, so they would be more willing to buy the product trusting they can exchange or return it within a specific time period.

Easy to access contact information and a dedicated chat button

As a merchant, providing clear contact information in your online store footer or a sole page that is anchored and redirects to the online store footer that is visible on every page, so that the contact information, as well as chat buttons, stay with the customer thoughout their shopping process, is one of the most important parameters of providing an effective online shopping experience to your consumers, as your customers will have to know you are real and that you are with them constantly to assure them of their buying decisions, also a dedicated chat button that appears on all pages, with a personalized message, is easily one of the most effective techniques.

Use mobile applications 

Did you know that almost 50% of online shopping is done though mobile phones?

Mobile phones increase customers’ loyalty, and reduce cart abandonment, due to the easy-to-access online store though their mobile phones, everywhere, and anytime, and the easy layout of mobile phones in general, that by turn affects the checkout process, so having an online store that can operate as a mobile application is one major way to maintain customers traffic and increase your online sales.

Let customers choose their delivery date

What better way to convince customers to buy online than to let them choose the most convenient time for delivery?

That is implementing “Time-slot delivery”, in your online store, which is a tool for consumers to choose the time for delivery they want during the checkout process, after they add a product to cart, that way your can give your customers options that will positively affect their buying decisions.

Offer more than one payment method

Customers will more likely to complete the shopping process when they find multiple payment options at checkout, from cash on delivery, or online payment through multiple payment gateways, and to support installments for relevant products when needed.

Every customer can proceed to checkout 

Customers don’t have to be registered customers to complete the checkout, as welcoming every new guest customer to checkout is an effective mean to reduce cart abandonment.

Save the cart for when customers are ready

Your online store should be made to save customers cart items, so they can easily return back to them if they are ready to proceed to checkout, implementing effective techniques as wish-lists and compare-lists can act parallel to this technique.

No hidden costs

You have to eliminate extra costs as much as you can at checkout, as one of the main causes of cart abandonment is customers finding extra money they have to pay than what was promised before checkout, you have to make sure that the promised total amount before they clicked “Add to cart” is exactly the same after they proceed to checkout, excluding the shipping fees.

Support free shipping, and promotions

Every now and then make sure to add free shipping on specific products, or according to cart quantity, as well as promotions for specific cart quantity or according to order values, to motivate your customers and reduce cart abandonment.

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6 cool stuff to have in your online store with zVendo to enhance your eCommerce experience as a merchant.

Be the first one to know what’s new with zVendo, and stay tuned for upcoming features and cool stuff to use in your online store, we’ll give you some sneak peeks that will make your E-commerce-enthusiastic side satisfied.

Don’t forget that you have more than one way to sell

With zVendo, you can sell using your online web store, or with your mobile applications for both Android/iOS, or with the Point of Sale application if you’re selling in person, or you can go extreme and get them all and expand with the selling experience, that way you can access your customer on multiple devices wherever they are.

Did you know that your online store with zVendo comes fully prepared with SEO?

That means we provide you with all features that help you rank higher in google search results, and customers can easily access your products, including fast servers and easy store navigation, advanced search filters, ability to add meta description and edit page content, and upload images for your products, also we give you the option to create a blog and a newsletter that will all help in increasing conversion rate and help drive traffic to your online store.

We help you with your store design

Your store with zVendo comes prepared with multiple templates you can choose from, and after choosing your theme you’ll be able to tweak your store front page, by adding pages, menus, changing store photos, changing content font, changing your banner and footer.

We’re always here to help you in any designs issues or customization.

Pay your store subscription fees easily online, accept payments through credit cards, and access local and international shipping services.

We give you the option to pay online and accept your customers’ payments through credit cards or through cash on delivery, with multiple payment services providers as Accept payments, Aman, and Alex Bank, and shipping services as Aramex and R2S.

Leave the analytics on us

Your store comes prepared with a dashboard from your control admin page, that shows all your sales, today sales, all orders, and your active and new customers, plus your store will be connected with Google analytics and Facebook pixel.

Export and import your products to your online store.

Now you can add multiple products to your store at once, and export products, orders , and print invoices.

More cool features?

Stay tuned for more stuff to come.

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Why have your online store with zVendo?


Switching to E-commerce will definitely transform your business, it won't matter if you already have your physical store running but want to expand to online selling, or if you're starting your business online from scratch; we'll give you 5 reasons why you should start building your online store with zVendo

1. We makes it easy

Having your online store will take minutes without you needing to worry about having the optimum technical skills; we give you a fully-prepared store in English as well as Arabic, where you pick a design and start adding products, it's that easy! you will reach more audience like never before, and you'll do it sitting at home, work or even while you're on vacation enjoying your favorite relaxation spot!

2. Drop the regional restrictions

You can sell anywhere, whether in person or online, you will no longer stick with one location for selling your products, and we give you all the local and international shipping services providers and the payment solutions you need.

3. Multi-channel

You can sell in different ways, using an online store, mobile application or through a Point of Sale software, so you can still sell in-person but you'll connect all your physical stores to your online one, were you can track all your sales from one device, yes one device!

4. Search results

One of the main reasons to switch to E-commerce and zVendo, is the sophisticated search engine optimization solutions it provides, meaning that your products will be easily seen by customers, it won't take them long to know your brand and to start engaging with your products.

5. Follow up

If you're tired of not knowing if your sales and inventory are accurate or not, you can drop the doubts with the detailed insights zVendo platform can give you, all your store will be tracked from A to Z, and your store will be connected with Google analytics and Facebook Pixel.

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Easy eCommerce tricks to sell better online and to stimulate your online sales with zVendo

Want to sell better online? Do you need more from your E-commerce business?

Want to reach a wider variety of customers?

Without further ado, zVendo will give you some tips and tricks on how to access a wider product-exposure and how to generate more cash instantly.

Here is how you can start doing that in a few steps

Product descriptions

Your customers will want to know everything there is to know about a product before they take the leap and go ahead to buy it, that’s why you can always support their decisions with detailed product descriptions, also a short description for people who search the products for a specific detail they want, and using the right terms to attract them, when they think about clothes for instance ,they will want to see key words like “get your”, “the best”, “suits you”, “instantly”, “fits all tastes”, “matches any outfit”, also the audience would want to see good photos of a product before they bite the bullet and purchase it, good photos are one of the best, yet simplest customer engagement methods.

Use the right meta description

A meta description is that description that appears to customers when they search for your products on search engines, you simply have to write the right key words in a meta description, so customers can reach you with ease; we give you a fully developed search engine optimization for better search results every time.

Follow up with our advanced analysis plans

We provide you with google analytics and Facebook pixel, to get detailed insights into your sales, customer traffic, best-selling products, your loyal customers, and helps you understand how to advertise your business, and to get to know your customers’ behavior and response to your brand.

Support discounts and promotions

Engage your customers and build loyal ones with frequent promotions and discounts, you can also go above and beyond with loyalty programs with a Point of Sale application that zVendo offers you, that you can use to support loyalty cards for customers to collect points and frequent your store more often.

Engage customers in a newsletter and a blog

Customers will be able to access new offers and latest news by subscribing to your newsletter with their Email, also a blog is a win when it comes to how you can build a loyal audience, with detailed and engaging articles on how-tos, like how they can use and navigate your store, how to use the search filters to easily access their desired products and options, how they can use the Wish lists and compare lists, till an easy and smooth checkout, and don’t worry we offer all these features to your customer to make sure your products are as easily accessible as possible.

Offer more than one payment method

Customers will be encouraged to purchase more when they can choose their payment method, as cash on delivery or by using their credit card.

Add Frequently asked questions and reviews

People tend to see these things before they make a decision to buy a product, that is why you need to support questions and answers and product reviews.

Need more tips and tricks to sell better online?

Always check your Email for more tips like these, zVendo team will make sure to keep you updated.

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